Profile Summary

Medical Qualification: DGO, DNB, IFCPC-IARC (Colposcopy) 

Designation: Consultant, Obstetrics & Gynaecology

Years of experience: 16 years                                         

Areas of expertise:

  • Obstetrics 
  • Colposcopy and Preventive Gynaecology  
  • Adolescent Health and Menopause 
  • Gynaec Endocrinology  
  • Hysteroscopy 


Dr. Nidhi Shah deals in all kinds of Obstetrics and basic Infertility. She specializes in performing Colposcopy since 5 years and practice Preventive Gynaecology for which she is trained with some of the best in the field. She has given several talks on Cancer Screening at post graduate and corporate levels.

Dr. Nidhi is extremely passionate about Adolescent health, Menopause as well as Gynaec Endocrinology for which she has been going to several schools, colleges and corporates to educate them and also holds keen interest in minimal invasive surgery as well.

Awards & Publications: 


  • Recipient of the Golden Jubilee Award for thesis on “Endoscopy in the 21st Century” in November 2015 from AMWI

Paper/Poster Presentations (National + International):

  • Folic acid celebrates a Centennial – MWIA Centennial Congress July 2019, New York
  • Contribution of British Women Doctors to India’s Healthcare – Story of Yesterday
  • National Conference of AMWI, December 2018 (Poster – 1st Prize)
  • AICC-RCOG Annual Conference September 2017, Mumbai
  • Medical Women Federation Centenary Conference May 2017, London
  • Trends of Cervical Cancer in Developed/Developing Countries  (Poster -1st Prize) Mumbai Ob-Gyn. Society Annual Conference  January 2015, Mumbai
  • Global View and Indian Scenario of Cervical Cancer (Poster, 2nd Prize)  Association of Medial Women in India (AMWI) Annual Conference  January 2014, Mumbai
  • Subclavian Vein Thrombosis in Pregnancy Mumbai Ob-Gyn. Society Annual Conference January 2011, Mumbai
  • Pregnancy with Polycythemia Vera Central Asia Regional Conference January 2010, Mumbai

Publications (National + International):

1. Chapter on Drug Therapy in Adolescent PCOS 

  • Drugs in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, CBS Publishers (under process). 1st Author – Dr. Nidhi Shah, Co-Author – Dr. Usha Saraiya  

2. Chapter on Infections and Infertility  

  • Indian Fertility Society Yearbook 2020. 1st Author – Dr. Mangala Telang, Co-Author – Dr. Aruna Saxena and Dr. Nidhi Shah  

3. Chapter on Screening for Ovarian Cancer – Current Perspective  

  • FOGSI Textbook for Postgraduate 2020. 1st Author – Dr. Usha Saraiya, Co-Author – Dr. Nidhi Shah

4. The Origin of Healthcare for Women in India 

  • A story of the World of Yesterday; JOGI 2020. 1st Author – Dr. Usha Saraiya, Co-Author – Dr. Nidhi Shah

5. Chapter on Ectopic Pregnancy  

  • Principles and Practices of ART by Dr. Kamini Rao - January 2018. Updated April 2022. 1st Author – Dr. Hrishikesh Pai, Co-Author – Dr. Rishma Pai and Dr. Nidhi Shah 

6. Chapter on Management on Endometriosis  

  • North Zone YUVA FOGSI - April 2017. 1st Author – Dr. Rishma Pai, Co-Author – Dr. Nidhi Shah 

7. Pregnancy with Polycythemia Vera: Case Report and Review of Lit

  • South Asian Federation of Obst. and Gynaec. –  Sept.- Dec. 2010 Issue. 1st Author – Dr. Nidhi Shah, Co-Author – Dr. Usha Saraiya 



  • Mumbai Obstetrics and Gynaecology Society (MOGS)
  • Federation of Obstetrics & Gynaecology Society of India (FOGSI)
  • Polycystic Society of India (PCOS)
  • Association of Medical Women in India (AMWI)
  • Treasurer – AMWI (2022- 2024)
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