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General & Laparoscopic Surgery

Department of General & Laparoscopic Surgery at Jaslok Hospital & Research Centre

The Department of General and Laparoscopic Surgery at Jaslok Hospital & Research Centre provides comprehensive surgical care to patients with various medical conditions. The department consists of the best laparoscopic surgeons in Mumbai who are committed to delivering the highest standard of surgical care to all patients.

The department serves as one of the best centres for minimally invasive surgeries in the country. It routinely performs hernia, appendix, cholecystectomies, bowel resection anastomosis, colectomies and splenectomy for haematologic disorder and reflux surgeries using this technology. 

The department also performs emergency abdominal surgeries for perforative peritonitis, intestinal obstruction and strangulated hernias using laparoscopy or a conventional open approach, depending on the patient’s requirements.

The Department of General and Laparoscopic Surgery is well-equipped with state-of-the-art technology and facilities, including advanced laparoscopic surgical equipment and instruments, to ensure that patients receive the most advanced and minimally invasive surgical procedures available. The surgeons at the department are proficient in performing a wide range of surgical procedures, from routine surgeries to complex procedures requiring specialised expertise. The Da-Vinci Surgical System at the department is one of its major highlights. It is minimally invasive and provides enormous benefits to patients. 

The department believes in a patient-centred approach to care, taking care of the needs and preferences of each individual patient to ensure the best possible care. The department also collaborates with other specialities, including anaesthesia, radiology, and oncology, to provide comprehensive care to all patients.

The Department of General and Laparoscopic Surgery is committed to providing high-quality surgical care that is safe, effective, and compassionate. The department is known for organising DNB programs to groom new sets of surgeons.

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Jaslok Hospital boasts over 300 eminent physicians, many of whom are trailblazers in their specialized domains. Moreover, they have garnered a reputation for devising groundbreaking and inventive clinical protocols.

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