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Qualification & Experience

MS;MCH(UK) DNB DORTH Orthropedic Surgeon

Area of expertise

Shoulder & Knee Surgery


A pioneer, a super specialist in shoulder and knee surgery, the founder member of The Shoulder Society of India, an orthopaedic surgeon trusted by celebrities. The man who operated on the King Khan’s both shoulders and also keeps Hrithik Roshan fit enough to do those amazing dance sequences. Dr Sanjay Desai is all this and more. Practicing in the highly specialized field of shoulder and knee surgery since the last 20 years, to him goes the credit of bringing world-class arthroscopic shoulder surgery to India. Shoulder surgery is a relatively young specialty in the world. Patients, including our sportsmen and cricketers have had to travel abroad to a few select centers in order to undergo advanced shoulder surgery. Thanks to his expertise, this revolutionary surgical treatment is now affordable and available at our doorsteps.

Dr. Desai has had a brilliant academic record studded with Gold medals throughout his orthopaedic career, including one at the University of Liverpool, while in the United Kingdom. Dr. Sanjay Desai honed his skills in knee and shoulder arthroscopic surgery at Cambridge, working with big names in these fields. He trained in Total Joint Replacement at Wrightington Hospital, a centre that pioneered this procedure in the early 70s and therefore is considered the birthplace of joint replacement surgery.

His academic activities have reached international shores, being invited as a guest lecturer at the British Orthopaedic Association meeting in Manchester, 2009. The “Young achievers Award - 2002” conferred by the Indo-American society is a formal recognition of his contribution. It is indeed a matter of great pride that the British Orthopaedic Association has for the first time(2011) sent a Fellow for training with Dr.Sanjay Desai in India, a fitting example of ‘reverse brain drain’! Dr. Sanjay Desai is one of the few to be invited to perform live demonstration surgery in UK, Spain, China, Denmark, Singapore, Philippines, Thailand and Sri Lanka.

He has also been invited as a referee of the prestigious Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery and on the editorial board of the European Journal of Orthopaedic Surgery and Traumatology. Dr.Desai as the founder and president of the Shoulder Society of India is responsible for spreading the know-how across the country. The fellowship program to train Orthopaedic surgeons from different parts of the country is Dr.Desai’s attempt to give back to the community. Besides, he also has been relentlessly conducting workshops and live surgical demonstrations in order to expose the latest to the orthopaedic surgeons in various parts of India and the neighboring countries.

Dr.Sanjay Desai continues to provide free and subsidized care at various hospitals for the needy and underprivileged. In recognition of this selfless service he has been appointed the President of Indian Arthroscopy Association and President-elect of the Asian Shoulder Association.

Over a short period of time hundreds of people, including political bigwigs, industrialists, amateur and professional sportsmen and well-known personalities from the glamour world, have benefitted from the skillful hands of Dr.Sanjay Desai.

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