Profile Summary

Medical Qualification: MD (Internal Medicine), DrNB (Neurology) and PDF in Epilepsy (KEM Hospital, Mumbai) (Glasgow, UK)

Designation: Consultant, Neurology & Epilepsy

Years of experience: 5+ years

Areas of expertise:

  • Adult Epilepsy
  • Epilepsy Surgery- Pre-surgical work up
  • Transition care for adults with Epilepsy, ADHD & Autism
  • Video EEG- Monitoring & Reporting


Dr. Natasha Tipnis is a Consultant Neurology & Epilepsy Specialist at Jaslok Hospital & Research Centre. She has over 5 years of experience in Neurology.

Dr. Natasha is interested and trained in the diagnosis and management of Epilepsy. This includes generalized as well as focal seizures. It also includes evaluation of functional seizures. She is competent at analyzing EEG, portable EEG, Video Telemetry, Long term EEG monitoring and ICU EEG monitoring. She holds special interest in "Bringing care" for patients with childhood epilepsy, learning disabilities, autism spectrum disorders and ADHD who have now transitioned into adulthood.

Dr. Natasha is an active member of the IAN, MAN, ILAE YES India Chapter, BNA and SAMMAN Epilepsy support group.

She has presented at various Neurological conferences, and also conducts multiple training & teaching sessions for General Practitioners' and medical students.

Awards & Publications:

Awards & Publications:

  • Original article – 1st author Cognitive Impairment in Hypertensives. Malang Neurology Journal, Vol 7, No 2, July 2021
  • Original article – 1st author Cognitive Impairment in Diabetic, Journal of Diabetology
  • Oral paper presentation - (1st prize) “Cognitive impairment in Hypertensives – a case control study” at APICON (Association of Physicians Conference) in February 2016, study done during Internal Medicine (MD) Residency
  • Oral paper presentation – several case and poster presentation at Bombay Neurosciences Association
  • Oral paper and case presentation – at Continuum Continued Medical Education
  • Book chapter – Surgical Treatment of Parkinsonism (joint author) Texbook of Parkinson’s Disease and Movement Disorder
  • Drug trial - Co investigator in Trial of drug Evolocumab and it’s Role in Lipid treatment in Dept. of Medicine at TNMC and Nair Hospital, Mumbai in 2015
  • Good Research Practice (GCP) accredited



  • IAN
  • MAN
  • BNA
  • SAMMAN (Epilepsy Support Group)
  • ILAE YES India Chapter
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