Profile Summary

Medical Qualification: M.B.B.S., M.S. (General Surgery), M.S. (Paediatric Surgery) 

Designation: Consultant, Paediatrics Surgical

Years of experience: 46 years 

Areas of expertise:          

  • Paediatric urology- Managing children with urinary incontinence
  • Ureteral reimplantation for refluxing? Obstructed megaureters
  • Bladder Augmentation ( ileocystoplasty with Mitrofanoff’s stoma)
  • Orchidopexy


Dr. Jyotsna Kirtane is trained as undergraduate and postgraduate at Seth G.S.Medical College & K.E.M.Hospital, Mumbai and has Worked at Wadia Children’s Hospital at at the department of Paediatric Surgery, Sir J.J.Group of Hospitals from 1977 to 2005, in the capacity of Reader, Associate Professor and Professor & Head of the department of Paediatric Surgery.

Invited to Bai Jerbai Wadia Children’s Hospital as Director of Paediatric Surgery & worked there for about 2 years

Set up a neonatal  I.C.U. at J.J.Hospital for surgical neonates

Set up a G.I. lab with state of the art equipment for oesophageal pH monitoring and   oesophageal as well as anorectal  manometry

Conducted research projects using the equipment

Awards & Publications:

Workshops Conducted: 

  • Live Operative workshop on Paediatric Gastrointestinal and Padiatric Urological procedures in  December 1992 at Sir J.J. Group of Hospitals (Foreign faculty) 
  • Workshop for Rural Surgeons of India (Departmental faculty)
  • Live operative workshop on Paediatric Urology in November 2001 at Sir J.J.Group of Hospitals (Foreign faculty) 
  • Live Operative workshop on Paediatric Gastrointestinal procedures in January 2004, at Sir of Hospitals (Foreign faculty)

Participation as a faculty member in operative workshops: 

  • Demonstrated  surgery on anorectal anomaly at MGM Medical College, Jabalpur in February 1996
  • Demonstrated paediatric Urology procedures to general surgeons at Mehsana, Gujarat in  2004
  • Faculty at a National workshop on Operative Paediatric Urology held at Sion Hospital & LTMC, Mumbai in February 2005
  • Faculty at a National workshop on Paediatric Urology  held at Sion Hospital, Mumbai in February 2007
  • Currently running a BLADDER CLINIC jointly with Dr. Mrs. Kumud Mehta on Fridays at Jaslok Hospital

Awards & Honours: 

  • Was awarded the British Commonwealth Fellowship for a year from 1983 to 1984 at the Hospital for Sick Children, Great Ormond Street, London, during which period was given a temporary job of locum Sr.Registrar in paediatric surgery as well as paediatric urology
  • Delivered over 50 guest lectures including prestigious orations
  • Delivered Basantlal Jaiswal Oration on “Gastroesophageal Reflux in Children” in Nagpur March 1992
  • Dr. D.G.Gan oration on “Acute Abdomen in Children” at the NAPICON in Dec. 2005
  • Delivered the prestigious M.S.Ramakrishna Oration at the annual conference of India Association of Paediatric Surgeons in Septembe  2006
  • Delivered "Dr S. T. Hemani oration" on Urinary Incontinence in Children, diagnosis & management on 27th September 2015


  • Eosinophilic Granuloma of the temporal bone. Journal of Postgraduate Medicine, 24(1): 50-54, 1976
  • Tumours in Infancy and Childhood. Commemorative volume of the Institute of Child Health, Sir J.J.Group of Hospitals, Bombay 1978
  • Selective Transplenic decompression of oesophageal varices by distal splenorenal shunt. Br Soc of Gastroenterol- GUT 19: 831-837, 1978
  • Intrapericardial Teratoma- a case report. Indian J of Pediatr 50: 333- 335,    1983
  • Megacystis- Microcolon- Intestinal Hypoperistalsis Syndrome. J of Pediatr Surg 19: 206- 208, 1984
  • Results and Complications of Surgery for Gastro-esophageal reflux. Arch Dis in Child 60: 743-747, 1985
  • Haematemesis and Malaena in Paediatric age group. Paediatr clin of India 20: 35- 37, 1985
  • Biliary Atresia: Early Diagnosis through operative cholangiography. Indan J of Pediatr 53: 807-810, 1986
  • Hair Coil Strangulation of Penis J of Pediatr Surg 29(10) 1317-1318, 1994
  • Post-operative Care in PICU Bombay Hospital Journal 37(4): 726-728, 1995
  • Benign Mature Teratoma of the Large Bowel- a case report. J of Pediatr Surg 31(5): 701-702, 1996
  • Cellular Hemangioma of Caecum  in a Child. Histopathology 29(6): 585-586, 1996
  • Approach to a Child with Recurrent Vomiting IAP J of Pract Pediatr 5(1): 23- 26, 1997
  • Adrenogenital Syndrome. Asian J of Pediatr Practice 1: 52-57, 1997
  • Monogram on “ Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease in Children” 2002
  • 46XY Disorder of Sexual Differentiation in Five Generations: A Preliminary Report  in Journal of Progress in Paediatric Urology, May-Aug 2014, Vol17, Issue 2 57, pg 81 – 85
  • Contributed a chapter on Disorders of Sexual Differentiation in the IAPS Textbook of PAEDIATRIC SURGERY Jaypee Brothers medical publishers 2020
  • “A conserved NR5A1-responsive enhancer of SRY expression is required for human   testis- determination” in  Scienceadvances 2022



  • Life member of Indian Association of Paediatric Surgeons
  • Life membership of Indian Academy of Paediatrics
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