Profile Summary

Medical qualifications:

DGO, FCPS, DNB, FNB (Fellowship in High Risk Pregnancy & Fetal Medicine) MBBS (From Grant Medical College & JJ Hospital, Mumbai) DGO (Seth GS medical College & King Edward Memorial Hospital, Mumbai) FCPS (Seth GS medical College & King Edward Memorial Hospital, Mumbai) DNB (Seth GS medical College & King Edward Memorial Hospital, Mumbai) FNB (Fellowship in High Risk Pregnancy & Peri-natology) Fernandez Hospital, Hyderabad 10 years experience in the field of Obstetrics and Gynaecology. 

Years of experience10 years

Areas of expertise:

  • All complicated and high risk pregnancies
  • Special interest in pregnancies complicated with jaundice, pregnancy complicated with diabetes fetal growth restriction and repeated pregnancy loss
  • Also trained in Genetic counselling and Prepregnancy counselling. 
  • Trained in Fetal Medicine. 


Introduction :

Every Female has the right to become a Mother and at the same time Every Fetus has the right to come into this World. I have a special interest in maternal medicine and fetal medicine. Did my Fellowship of National Board of Examinations in High Risk Pregnancy and Perinatology. My aim is to stop unnecessary termination of pregnancies and to try and make the journey of 9 months through the pregnancy safe and happy.Even the high risk cases can have a safe course and outcome if monitored and with the hospital back up which Jaslok Hospital is providing. 

Maternal high risk cases managed at Jaslok Hospital: 

  • Cancer with pregnancy 
  • HELP syndrome with DIC(high blood pressure and its problems during pregnancy) 
  • Uncontrolled diabetes complicating pregnancy(high sugars in the mother during pregnancy) 
  • Hepatitis E complicating pregnancy(infections of the mother during pregnancy) 
  • Cirrhosis with portal hypertension complicating pregnancy(liver problems during pregnancy) 
  • Recurrent miscarriages (repeated pregnancy losses) 
  • Pregnancy with previous IUFD (problems during the previous pregnancies) 
  • Idiopathic Thrombocytopenia complicating pregnancy.(blood problems during pregnancy) 
  • Fibroid and pregnancy(gynaecological problem during pregnancy) 


Fetal problems managed at Jaslok Hospital: 

  • Rh negative sensitized pregnancy(if the mother’s blood group is Negative and husband”s blood group is positive) 
  • Echogenic fetal kidneys(problems in the baby detected during the pregnancy) 
  • Joubert’s Syndrome(any disease which runs in the family) 
  • Fetal growth restriction(baby not growing as per required standard) 

Awards & Publications : 

Awards/Fellowship : 

FNB (Fellowship in High Risk Pregnancy & Peri-natology) Fernandez Hospital, Hyderabad.  

  •  “Clinical dilemmas in Twin Pregnancy.” as a panelist in Twin Pregnancy Workshop. MOGS 2015  
  • “Screening for Aneuploidy” as a Panelist in Fetal Medicine Workshop at LT Medical College & Sion Hospital, March 2015.  
  • Organised “Youth Mela – MOGS 2014” at Jaslok Hospital, Mumbai  
  •  Oral presentation on “Journal Scan: Thyroid Function Boosters” Outreach Program on “Medical Management of Obesity & Optimizing Perimenopause” by MOGS 2015.  
  • As a panelist in “Fetal Growth Restriction” A CME organized by FOGSI, July 2015  
  • Oral presentation on “Prediction of preterm: How? Why? When?” in Safe Management of High Risk Pregnancy organized by MOGS, Sept 2015 

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