Profile Summary

Medical qualification: MD (Medicine), DM, DNB (Cardiology), 

Fellowship in Cardiac Electrophysiology and Pacing, Taiwan and Australia. 

Designation: Consultant Cardiology and Electrophysiology. 

Years of experience: 20 years. 

Areas of expertise:

  • Cardiac Electrophysiology,
  • EP study and RF ablation,
  • 3D mapping for complex arrhythmias,
  • Pacemaker implantations, I
  • CD implantations,
  • Biventricular pacing. 


Did his medical and speciality training from Mumbai and then Fellowship in Cardiac Electrophysiology from Taipei, Taiwan and Perth, Australia. Specialises in heart beat disorders, pacemaker/device implantations, syncope evaluation and heart failure treatment. 

Awards & Publications : 

  • Has 40 publications in peer review journals. 
  • Won the Young Investigator Award in the APHRS meeting in 2006. 
  • J.N. Tata Scholar for the year 2006. 

Memberships :

  • Life Membership of Cardiology Society of India. 
  • Life Membership in Association of Physicians of India.
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