Profile Summary

Medical Qualification: MD, DM, DNB (Medicine), DNB (Neurology), Fellowship in Movement Disorders

Designation: Co-ordinator, Neurology

Years of experience: 29 years

Areas of expertise:

  • Treating patients with Parkinson’s disease (PD), Parkinsonism, Dystonia, Tremors, Wilson’s disease, Tourette’s syndrome & other Movement Disorders 
  • Injecting botulium toxin for focal dystonia – cervical, blepharospasm and focal hand dystonia, hemifacial spasms, spasticity and migraine with or without EMG guidance
  • Selecting and Programming patients with movement disorders requiring deep brain stimulation


Dr. Pettarusp M. Wadia completed his neurology training from the Topiwala National Medical College, followed by a Movement Disorders fellowship at the University of Toronto, Canada under Dr. Anthony Lang and Dr. Elena Moro where he had a dedicated 6-month training program in programming patients with Deep Brain Stimulation. He presented his paper on restlessness in parkinsonism at the prestigious American Academy of Neurology. He is serving at Jaslok Hospital and Research Center since October 2008, treating patients with Parkinson’s disease (PD), and other Movement Disorders. 

Dr. Wadia is a teacher in neurology for the DNB neurology course and is the program coordinator of the Clinical Fellowship program in Movement Disorders at Jaslok Hospital and Research Centre Mumbai. 

Dr. Wadia’s ongoing research projects include the role of TRODAT scans in drug induced parkinsonism and atypical parkinsonism, clinical phenotype of patients with SCA-12 and directional DBS in Parkinson's Disease. He is the principal investigator in a genome wide association study of patients with Parkinson's Disease and a phase II research trial of a drug being evaluated for neuropection in Parkinson's Disease.

Awards & Publications:

Dr. Pettarusp Wadia has written 40 research papers, 9 book chapters and has been the Co-Editor of the second edition of the text book of Parkinson’s disease and Movement Disorders.

Scientific Publications:

  • A. Aundhakar, A. Nanavati, B. Mishal, P. Wadia ‘A study of seven patients with Hemimasticatory spasm; barriers to treatment and outcomes of botulinum toxin’. Mov Disord. 2022; 37 (suppl 1) page S 40
  • VM. Mathur, PD. Doshi, AA. Aundhkar, MB. Baldia, P. Wadia. Directional DBS – Early experiences with “Current steering” in India [abstract]. Mov Disord. 2022; 37 (suppl 1). Page S458
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  • Baldia Manish, Wadia Pettarusp M, Karkera Bharti, Mathur Vaibhav, Doshi Paresh K. Predictability of the effective contact point with help of beta band local field potentials obtained from Percept PC device while programming in advanced Parkinson’s patients. Annals of Movement Disorders 2022, Volume 5, supplement 1, S11
  • Mohan Meenu, Luthra Karuna, Lele Vikram R, Wadia Pettarusp M, Clinical utility of 18F-DOPA PET/CT in Parkinsonism and concordance with 99mTc-TRODAT-1 SCAN. Annals of Movement Disorders 2022, Volume 5, supplement 1, S11
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  • Founding Member, Movement Disorder Society of India
  • Member, International Parkinson's Disease
  • Member, Movement Disorders Society
  • Member, Indian Academy of Neurology
  • Governing Council of Parkinson's Disease & Movement Disorder Society (PDMDS)
  • NGO for persons with Parkinson's Disease
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