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Bariatric Surgery

Department of Bariatric Surgery at Jaslok Hospital & Research Center

In India, around 5% of the total population is morbidly obese. Morbid obesity is a health hazard, which if left untreated, can lead to several health issues like heart diseases, arthritis, hypertension, etc. Unfortunately, in many of these cases, people are unable to lose excess weight through diet or any other medical measures, making bariatric surgeries an essential option for weight loss.

The Department of Bariatric Surgery at Jaslok Hospital & Research Centre has been performing weight-loss surgeries since 2000 on people suffering from debilitating effects of morbid obesity in India with a success rate comparable to international standards. 

The demand for bariatric surgery has been on the rise for over a decade. Around 10% to 15% of obese patients nowadays opt for weight-loss surgeries. The National Institute of Health (NIH) has also declared bariatric surgeries as the treatment of choice for safe, successful and long-term weight loss. 

Bariatric surgeries make the patients lose typically 50% to 60% of the excess body weight within the first 6 months post-surgery while also improving their metabolic parameters independent of weight loss. They are also well-known to prevent obesity-related complications such as GERD, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, and joint problems. Bariatric surgeries have been a pioneer in reducing mortality rates and increasing fertility rates, especially in women with PCOS.  

However, just because bariatric surgery provides so many advantages, it does not mean anyone with excess weight can opt for it. You have to meet certain requirements, such as having a high BMI or comorbidities like type 2 diabetes and hypertension to be able to qualify for bariatric surgery. 

There are also many types of bariatric surgeries. The type of surgery for your condition will depend on several factors, such as your body mass index, eating habits, pre-existing medical issues, previous surgeries and the risk involved for your comorbidities. Only after a comprehensive diagnosis, your doctor will be able to ascertain the best surgery for you. 

Once the type of bariatric surgery is ascertained, the multidisciplinary, skilled and experienced team of bariatric experts at Jaslok Hospital & Research Centre will perform surgery using minimally invasive techniques and advanced tools to reduce the pain and promote quick recovery.

The Department of Bariatric Surgery at Jaslok Hospital & Research Centre boasts of having some of the best weight-loss surgeons in Mumbai who work in conjunction with specialists from other departments like endocrinology, cardiology, nephrology, psychology and nutrition to provide the best treatment for obesity and its related problems under one roof in Mumbai. 

The Department of Bariatric Surgery believes that the responsibility starts with the surgery but does not end with it. Without lifestyle modification, the whole process can become futile. Therefore, the Department of Bariatric Surgery at Jaslok Hospital & Research Centre prepares comprehensive follow-up and weight-loss programs that help patients in the long run. Physical and psychological assistance is also provided before and after the surgery, with easy access to additional medical specialists, patient-friendly infrastructure and state-of-the-art technology to promote the all-around improvement of patients.

The dedicated team at the department is committed to helping you throughout this life-changing journey. At Jaslok Hospital & Research Centre, you get the best personal advice from the top doctors for bariatric surgery in the city and experience world-class treatment for a fast and safe recovery at affordable rates.

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