Profile Summary

Medical Qualification: M.B.B.S., MD

Designation at JHRC: Consultant, Assisted Reproduction & Genetics

Years of experience: 19 years

Areas of expertise:

  • Difficult OPU 


Dr. Sujata Sawkar is trained in ‘Tubal Recanalization’ and Ultrasonography from the Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education and Research, Chennai. 

Her areas of interest include Reproductive Endocrinology and Implantation Failure.  

She is a Maths Wizard and is a very avid reader of Non-Fiction.  

Awards & Publications:


  • Best Scientific Paper


Original Articles:

  • Parikh Firuza R, Sawkar Sujatha G, Agarwal Sapna, Makwana Prashant K, Khandeparkar Meenal S, Naik Nandkishor J, Sanap Mangesh V, Joshi Spruha P, Athalye Arundhati S. A novel method of intraovarian instillation of platelet rich plasma to improve reproductive outcome in young Indian women with diminished ovarian reserve. Global Reproductive Health: Summer 2022;7(2): e59 doi: 10.1097/GRH.0000000000000059. 
  • Palgamkar JB, Jindal DK, Sawkar SV, Deshmukh SD, Katakdhond MS, Ishwar CP, Athalye AS, Shah NJ, Parikh FR. Anti-mullerian hormone levels in indian women seeking infertility treatment: Are Indian women facing early ovarian senescence?. J Hum Reprod Sci 2021;14:380-5. 
  •  Parikh FR, Pires ES, Sawkar S, Uttamchandani SA, Ghosalkar M, Khole VV. The presence of antiovarian antibodies (AOA) in women with poor reproductive outcome following IVF, in poor responders and those with premature ovarian failure. Fertility and Sterility, Volume 86, Issue 3, Pages S26-S26 
  •  Madhvi Panpalia, Sujatha Reddy, Sangeeta Deshmukh, Chitra Ishwar, Firuza Parikh. Correlation of endometrial receptivity status and pregnancy outcome in woman with prior failed implantation: the value of ERA. ISAR 2018, Kolkata, pp 155. 


Research Posters: 

  • Madhvi Panpalia, Sujatha Reddy, Chitra Ishwar, Meenal Khandeparkar, Dattatray Naik, Suresh Dhumal, Prashant Makwana, Firuza Parikh. Elevated blood sugar parameters in young Indian men attending our fertility clinic. ASRM 2019. Fertil Steril 2019:112(3), supl e368 P709. 
  •  Firuza Parikh, Madhavi Panpalia, Trupti Mehta, Sujatha Sawkar, Anahita Pandole, Sangeeta Deshmukh, Sapna Agarwal, Chitrlekha Ishwar, Mamta Katakdhond, Havovi Presswala, Jyptshna Palgamkar, Meenal Khandeparkar. The effect of genital TB in Indian women on endometrial receptivity status. FRM 2019, New York, November 2019. 
  •  Meenal Khandeparkar, Trupti Mehta, Sujatha Sawkar, Sapna Agarwal, Mamta Katakdhond, Nandkishor Naik, Mangesh Samnap, Prashant Makwana, Pratiksha Khandare, Firuza Parikh. Instillation of ovarian platelet rich plasma for enhancing reproductive outcome: The Jaslok experience. FRM 2019, November 2019. 
  • Dhanashree Warang, Arundhati Athalye, Rupesh Sanap, Prochi Madon, Sujatha Sawkar, Firuza Parikh. Sudden unexplained death in childhood (SUDC) in 3 sibs: a ray of hope with Preimplantation Genetic Testing. E-poster presented at the Board of Genetic Counseling India's 6th Annual International Conference on Genomics and Genetic Counseling: Value in Health Care” July 2021, BGCI-0071. (Second E-poster Prize.) 
  • Rupesh Sanap, Arundhati Athalye, Dhanashree Warang, Sujatha Sawkar, Prochi Madon, Firuza Parikh. Confirmation of whole exome sequencing findings using Sanger sequencing helps to avoid unnecessary preimplantation genetic testing – A case report. Eposter presented at the Board of Genetic Counseling India's 7th Annual International Conference on Genetic counseling Across Various Medical Specialties, vitual, 1-3 July 2022. 65. 


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