Profile Summary

Medical Qualification: MBBS, DNB (Internal Medicine), DNB (Neurology), CSCN Diplomate (EMG) (Canada), Fellowship in Neuromuscular Medicine (University of Toronto, Canada), Fellowship in Stroke Medicine (University of Toronto, Canada)

Designation at JHRC: Consultant, Neurology & Neuromuscular Specialist

Years of experience: 11 years

Areas of expertise: 

  • Comprehensive care of patients with various neuromuscular disorders. The spectrum of patients includes various hereditary and autoimmune neuropathies, neuromuscular disorders, myopathies, focal neuropathies, plexopathies, radiculopathies and motor neuron disorders
  • Extensive knowledge in the field of electrodiagnostic medicine and ability to perform and interpret electrodiagnostic testing
  • Expertise in performing single fiber electromyography
  • Expertise to interpret neuromuscular ultrasound and small fiber testing
  • Gained skill and expertise in performing vacuum assisted muscle biopsies


Dr. Vinaya Vilas Bhandari is a highly qualified specialist with extensive training in neurology and neuromuscular disorders with qualifications including MBBS, DNB in Medicine and Neurology, and Diplomate CSCN (EMG), Dr. Bhandari brings a wealth of experience to the field. She has further honed her expertise through fellowships in Stroke Medicine and Neuromuscular Medicine from the University of Toronto, Canada.

She specializes in delivering comprehensive care to individuals grappling with a diverse range of neuromuscular disorders. This encompasses hereditary and autoimmune neuropathies, neuromuscular disorders, myopathies, focal neuropathies, plexopathies, radiculopathies, and motor neuron disorders. This broad expertise equips her to address a wide spectrum of neurological conditions, ensuring your patients receive tailored and effective care for their specific needs.

She has gained valuable expertise in performing a range of specialized electrodiagnostic studies, including nerve conduction studies, needle electromyography, single fiber electromyography, and small fiber testing, demonstrates your comprehensive proficiency in evaluating nerve and muscle function. These tests play a crucial role in diagnosing and understanding various neuromuscular disorders, allowing for precise treatment and management strategies. This level of skill empowers you to provide targeted and effective care to patients dealing with complex neurological conditions.

Awards and Publications:


  • FcRN Receptor Antagonists in the Management of Myasthenia Gravis, Vinaya V. Bhandari, Vera Bril, Front. Neurol.Sec. Neuromuscular Disorders and Peripheral Neuropathies Volume 14 - 2023 | doi: 10.3389/fneur.2023.1229112
  • A Clinical Study of Microvascular Complications in Newly Diagnosed Diabetes Mellitus Patients. Yash Patel, Ashay Shingare, Gautam Kalita, Vinaya Bhandari et al. October 2014, Indian Journal of Applied Research 4(2):12-DOI:10.15373/2249555X/FEB2014/108



  • Indian Association of Neurology
  • Maharashtra Association of Neurology
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